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#atrip with Halldor Helgason

Ladies and gentleman,

get ready for #atrip. The last work from Halldor and co. has been released just s few days ago. We had a quick chat with Hondele and here’s his point about this last part! Enjoy

Nicknames: Captain Harold, Hillary Clinton, Tiffany Craycray and of course Hondele

Age: 25 years insanely young

Hometown: Akureyri/Iceland

Home Mountain: Hlíðarfjall

Currently Riding: Going to Flachau next week!

Sponsors: Monster Energy, Lobster Snowboards, Switchback Bindings, atrip apparel, Von Zipper, Neff Headwear, Gopro, 7-9-13 Belts, Kaleidoscope Skateboards

.it: Let’s start from the beginning. where did #atrip begun?

Mr. HH: In 2015 I got an awesome opportunity to start up a new apparel brand with Stigma Distribution and since I’m already doing Lobster, Switchback and 7-9-13 I figured that this would be perfect to do as well. We are going all in on street/clean looking apparel that works perfect for wearing in the streets and in the mountains. To follow whats going on with atrip please join the #specialinterestclub on our website:


.it: What about the crew?

Mr. HH: The crew this winter was mainly me, Sage Kotsenburg and Joe Carlino but then we linked up with awesome people threw out the year like: Teddy Koo, Max Warbington, Jesse Paul, Benny Milan and a bunch more!

.it: How often do you have your hair and mustaches cut?

Mr. HH: I cut my hair a little bit like one or two times a year and the mustache i clean up ones a month I think.

.it: So where are you right now?

Mr. HH: Im in Stockholm/Sweden at the moment doing some more rehab for my damn ankle that i broke on the 1oth of may at superpark but Im going to Flachau/Austria on Monday to ride and do the lobster and Switchback sales meeting.

.it: Where was your favorite session last season/best snow you found?

Mr. HH: One of the best trips last year was actually in Italy! Unfortunately Sage hurt his knee two days before so i joined up with the Different Vision crew: Ethan Morgan, Simon Gruber, Marco Grigis, Roby Bragotto and Johnny Morandi and we filmed backcountry for a few days and it was so sick!  Im not sure if im allowed to say where in Italy…

.it: Any new project? Maybe #anothertrip

Mr. HH: No new project for next season, I’m going all in to film for the new Transworld Snowboarding movie, so thats going to be awesome.

.it: We see you are one of the most active athlete in social media sharing, what do you think about media for riders?

Mr. HH: ThankYouThankYou I try and keep it fun, loose and not to serious so i don’t get bored of it since now a days its really important to be on point with that stuff.


.it: Why do you like so much to jump from roofs?

Mr. HH: Because roofs are often so perfect to jump off haha!

.it: Do you want to talk about your sponsors? Seriously?

Mr. HH: haha not really but I guess I’ll use this opportunity to thank all of my sponsors for supporting me threw out the years and hopefully for many more years to come: Monster Energy, Lobster Snowboards, Switchback Bindings, atrip apparel, Von Zipper, Neff Headwear, Gopro, 7-9-13 Belts, Kaleidoscope Skateboards.

.it: If you weren’t a pro snowboarder what would you be pursuing? (women apart)

Mr. HH: I would have tried to become a pornstar just like the Italian legend Rocco Siffredi and if that wouldn’t have worked out I would try to become a pro alcohol tester.

.it: Describe yourself in 3 words and do not use the word mustache! 😉

Mr. HH: shiiiied it’s hard to describe your self, but since I have to I would say: unserious, sender, cosy.

.it: Have you ever been to Italy? Will you call us one you come? (YO MUST… BOTH!)

Mr. HH: I’ve been to Italy many times and I hope to be there a lot this winter, so I promise to give you guys a call haha.

So while waiting to meet you here around, we share you video! Enjoy#atrip everybody!!!

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