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Pat Moore for BMBW!

Get Moore power with the BMBW Solution!

Bent Metal Binding Works is proud to officially announce Pat Moore to the BMBW team! Red bearded east coast buzzard Pat Moore is here to put the “metal” in Bent Metal Binding Works! Pat is known for an impossibly insane blizzard of freestyle mayhem stretching through years of hammer video parts on every conceivable terrain. Blasting down up over and off kickers, gaps, rails, walls and cliffs with simultaneous reckless abandon and total precision.  There isn’t anything this dude doesn’t charge with total commitment, total stoke and a huge smile on his face. Pat rides the BMBW Solution for ultimate power transfer control. See Pat break it down in the video and pics up now at!


Pat Moore for Bent Metal Binding Works from Bent Metal Binding Works on Vimeo.

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